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Matt Prestbury

“Fatherhood is both a gift that we give to ourselves and a responsibility that we place upon ourselves when we create a life. When done properly it is neither  a chore nor a burden, but rather a joy and a pleasure.” -Matt Prestbury

Matt Prestbury is a native Baltimorean who has worked tirelessly over the past two decades to not only provide what his family needs, but also to provide spaces and places for other black men to get the resources and know-how needed to do the same in Baltimore and far beyond. Whether in physical spaces such as the schools he’s worked in and the venues in which he’s held events, or in virtual spaces such as the Black Fathers Facebook group, Matt continuously works to help black men get access to the organizations, information and funding that they need to support and sustain their families to the best of their abilities. 

He’s always been passionate about raising his children and helping other fathers do the same. Much of his work is centered around showing the world the truths about fathers and  fatherhood in order to combat widely held stereotypes and myths through social media, apparel, music, books and speaking engagements. Matt’s mission is to show the world how involved fathers truly are while continuing to spread the message to fathers about the importance of being present in the lives of their children.

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Matt Prestbury


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